Quartz worktops: the widest range of modern colours and patterns

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Many people, whilst recognising that stone kitchen and bathroom worktops are far superior when it comes to quality and durability, will often turn to inferior acrylics and laminates simply because of the latter’s perceived wider variety of modern colours and patterns. What these individuals often fail to realise however is that the production of stone worktops has also moved with the times.

Quartz stone worktops for example are available in an incredibly diverse series of shades and colours, ranging from light to dark and from vibrant to a more understated look. The makers of Compac Quartz in particular are constantly innovating new ranges of colours and patterns to suit all moods and tastes.

The reason why quartz worktops are available in such a wide range is that, in common with other engineered stone products such as Compac Marmol, the production of these surfaces involves combining in particular ways pure stone with a hardening resin and many varieties of special dyes.

The result is a range of worktops that can easily match and – because of their natural beauty – actually surpass, synthetic alternatives.

Admittedly, some people’s understanding of stone worktops is limited to the vagaries that Mother Nature brings to one particular kind – granite worktops: always taken straight from the quarry (yet even here bathroom and kitchen granite worktops are more varied than most people believe). Yet, it is the keen eye of the craftsperson that makes the range of engineered stone worktops so much sought after, and one of the chief reasons behind the growing prevalence of quartz surfaces in UK homes.