Remember whose choice it is when buying the right worktop

In Kitchen Worktops by dawn

When choosing the right worktop for a kitchen or bathroom, any considerations should of course be governed by both personal preference and a full awareness of the facts.

What buyers should certainly be on their guard against is the kind of unsubstantiated hearsay often heard whenever an important purchase is about to be made. Many buyers, for example, may opt for modern stone worktops such as those made from caesarstone, largely because they believe them to look the best.

Detractors may question the principle of allowing aesthetics to dictate one’s choice of kitchen or bathroom worktop. Yet the stunning aesthetic beauty, both of caesarstone worktops and of other quality quartz surfaces such as Compac Quartz, is acknowledged by many experts as one which simply cannot be matched through the use of synthetic materials.

It also happens to be the case of course that caesarstone worktops are among the most resilient and hard-wearing worktops one can buy.

Yet again, some detractors would question the ‘appropriateness’ of certain colour and style choices; particularly given that caesarstone worktops and several other quartz brands are available in an extremely wide range of colours and styles.

Most professional interior designers would however encourage home makers to exercise freedom in their choice of colours and designs. Although kitchen and bathroom worktops serve a utility function they are also important focal points, and therefore warrant a strong eye for decoration. Even traditional granite worktops are now sourced in a range of colour variations.