Space is the first frontier for bathroom design

In Bathroom Worktops by dawn

A bathroom is naturally one of the most important areas of any home and getting the design right is important. All too often, though, many people do not recognise the amount of space they actually have available.

There is no reason why this should be. Finding out how much space there is needs nothing more than a piece of graph paper and a pencil.

First, a design of the existing bathroom should be drawn.

The plan should include doors, windows, radiators and bathroom worktops. Plumbing should be marked out, as should the electrical circuitry. The layout of all pipes and outlets should be included here.

Once this is done, it is easy to visualise the new bathroom, and create more space.

To provide more ‘useable’ space, consider rehanging the door and changing the direction that it opens. You could also rearrange your bath, toilet and basin, reworking the worktops at the same time.

It is also worth remembering that electrics and plumbing can be reworked. It is more costly and time consuming, but can free up space significantly. In much the same way, looking at replacing a large window with a smaller one is an idea which has worked for many people.

Creating space is possible for most bathrooms in the UK. It is important though, to make sure all works are carried out well. DIY is perfectly possible of course, but it may be worth seeking a little help and advice from a friendly local plumber and electrician first.