Stone Quartz Worktops: Perfect for Businesses

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

If you own a business that utilises a lot of counter space, be it a restaurant, bar or other establishment, you should consider installing stone quartz worktops.

The availability of quartz makes products made from the material very cost efficient, and investment is going to be worth your while. As a material, quartz offers more advantages than granite and other similar materials for a lower cost. Getting a better product for less money is always a good idea, especially for business owners looking to turn a profit.

At any business where customers are consistently using the surfaces throughout the day, durability is going to be a concern. Heavy usage means lots of wear and tear as well as frequent cleanings that can further deteriorate a surface. Thankfully, stone quartz worktops are very durable. The material is better than granite and preventing scratches, chips and cracks. It is also resistive to the effects of the acids in cleaning products, meaning no matter how often your surfaces have to be cleaned, you won’t see a decline in their appearance.

Perhaps even more important than the strength of stone quartz worktops is their ability to stop water and other liquids from seeping in. Any business where customers are eating and drinking is going to experience a lot of spillage. Any liquid product that seeps into a surface is going to begin to wear down the structure from the inside. Over time, this can cause staining, fading and an overall decline in the strength of the surface. Fortunately, quartz absorbs water and other liquids at a very slow rate. This means that the colour and performance of your surface will remain intact. As an added benefit, your surfaces will be easy to clean up as well.

For any business, appearance can be everything. Stone quartz worktops can give your establishment that wow factor that catches the eyes of customers and keeps them coming back. They don’t have to know that your surfaces are also very practical from a financial standpoint as well. Cimstone quartz can be cut and formed into almost any shape, meaning you are free to design your surfaces however you see fit. In addition, a variety of patterns and colours are available, giving you the freedom to give your business the style and ambience that you choose. Quartz is a cheap and highly-effective material.