Stone worktop installations – surprisingly hassle-free

In Kitchen Worktops by dawn

For the majority of us who cannot bear to be without their kitchen for very long, it can come as a welcome surprise to learn that a genuine stone worktop can be fitted in just under a day.

The tasks leading up to the fitting admittedly take a while longer; but these are the ‘fun’ and leisurely parts of the whole process. From deciding on colour schemes and patterns, to working out whether to choose traditional granite or its more modern equivalents – Compac Quartz or Compac Marmol – the decisions can be delightfully bewildering; particularly considering the extremely wide range of glossy colours available with quartz stone worktops.

The advice of a reliable supplier will of course greatly help in this decision-making process; and there will usually be much useful information picked up along the way; such as the fact that, unlike quartz worktops, granite worktops will need sealing before use; that quartz is second only to precious stones in terms of hardness; and that when looking to fit a worktop in an awkward-sized kitchen, granite worktops may not be as amenable to complex shaping as quartz worktops.

Eventually though, after all your hard work, you will be able to sit back and allow an experienced fitter to install your chosen worktop, rest assured that the job will be completed in less than a day.

In the meantime you can be hard at work on your next project; deciding perhaps on the best options for your new stone bathroom worktops?