Stone worktops in modern times

In Granite Worktops by dawn

Nothing beats a stone worktop for strength and resilience; and it is also widely acknowledged that nothing looks or feels quite the same way as stone – with its depth of colour, its cool, earthy feel; and its natural propensity to shine and glint.

In recent years, the choice of colours and patterns available for stone worktops has also greatly increased. Granite worktops, for example, can now be purchased from the best suppliers in a wide range of light and dark colours, sourced from many different corners of the globe. Marble, meanwhile, has also become more accessible, with many householders opting for the classic look of this ancient stone, particularly when it comes to bathroom worktops.

Customers can now however also purchase stone worktops which offer even more variety, consistency, and uniformity than is found in granite and marble.

Rather than, for example, installing kitchen granite worktops with naturally occurring variations in colour or design, many customers are opting instead for quartz stone worktops which have been expertly crafted rather than taken ‘as found’ from the quarry.

Furthermore, the companies that produce different brands of quartz worktops such as Compac Quartz are continually introducing exciting new colours and designs. They also greatly enhance the natural sheen of stone by sealing in added touches such as tiny sparkling pieces of mirrored glass.

Other techniques for enhancing natural stone have also become more popular in recent years. Compac Marmol, for example, is a marble-based stone which has the look and feel of mined marble but does not suffer from any of the latter’s natural flaws.