Stone worktops: why modern homes are inspired by traditional solutions

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

It is perhaps ironic that the demands of the modern homemaker can often entail making use of ideas derived from some of our more traditional crafts. Kitchen and bathroom worktops are a prime example of this.

If it is agreed that for the modern household the qualities of economy, environmentally friendliness, safety, and ease of use, are paramount, then it becomes clear why some households are now turning to traditional granite worktops; and why even more are purchasing enhanced stone worktops such as those made from Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol.

In the first instance, quality stone worktops are, in the words of the old maxim ‘built to last’. Made from naturally formed rocks and minerals that have been around for millennia, granite, Compac Marmol, and quartz stone worktops are extremely resistant to cracking, chipping, staining or scorching. Unlike most other types of worktop, stone worktops will rarely require householders forking out on expensive repairs or replacements.

Secondly, the cleaning of quartz worktops and other stone surfaces results in very little impact on the environment. Chemical sprays, liquids, and polishes, are not required; all that is usually needed to keep bathroom and kitchen granite worktops, quartz worktops, and Compac Marmol surfaces clean is a quick wipe down with soapy water.

This of course leads on to the final two reasons why stone worktops are favoured by modern households. A tough, easy to clean, and impermeable surface is both hygienic and extremely labour saving. In addition, unlike granite, quartz worktops do not even require sealing before use.