The advantages of choosing Caesarstone over granite worktops

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Those householders in Humberside, Cheshire, Leeds and Yorkshire who have chosen Caesarstone worktops for their kitchen or bathroom often comment on how glad they are that they made that decision.

They are joined by several independent commentators who have also been quick to sing the praises of Caesarstone worktops over more traditional bathroom and kitchen granite worktops.

Caesarstone, commentators say, is more than capable of holding its own against the aesthetic and functional qualities of granite – being tough enough to withstand both the physical rigours of food preparation and the effects of heat and steam.

They also point to the fact that, unlike granite worktops, those made from Caesarstone and all quality quartz worktops are not simply slabs of mined rock, they are the product of a skilled manufacturing process during which pure quartz pieces are transformed into solid worktop panels.

Combined with a small proportion of resin and a certain quantity of dye, the finished Caesarstone worktop is also likely to be more uniform and consistent in size, pattern and colour than granite worktops. There is also, consequently, a wider range of colours available with Caesarstone worktops.

In addition, commentators refer to the fact that worktops made from granite may require periodic sealing, whereas Caesarstone worktops are always supplied hermetically sealed.

Of course, while greater consistency and convenience will always appeal to many, there are those who will always see a unique beauty in granite’s ancient colour and will still choose granite over quartz.