The advantages of choosing quartz worktops

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Quartz worktops are now firmly established as ranking alongside granite worktops as the best choice for installation in either kitchens or bathrooms. For those thinking of choosing quartz surfaces over granite worktops, or perhaps over other quality solid stone worktops such as Compac Marmol, it is worth reflecting on what it is that increasingly makes quartz surfaces a UK top choice among discerning householders.

A point worth emphasising is that quartz stone worktops really do consist mainly of pure, natural quartz stone. Quartz stone has been prized over the centuries for its unique beauty and charm. Precious artefacts made from quartz have graced the homes and castles of countless nobility. Quartz worktops continue in this aesthetic tradition. Many experts agree that the highly sophisticated and effective polishing techniques used in making quartz worktops – and in producing Compac Quartz in particular – truly bring out the natural, exquisite glint of this semi-precious mineral.

It can also be a surprise to some when they learn just how tough quartz really is. In fact, only sapphire, topaz and diamond are harder than quartz. Worktops made using quartz are therefore capable of taking far more impact from everyday activity than those topped with laminates or which have been built using acrylic materials.

Last but not least, because quartz worktops have all been constructed by combining quartz with a small amount of resin, the resulting surface is non-porous and therefore easy to wipe completely clean. What is more, unlike bathroom and kitchen granite worktops, quartz worktops do not need sealing or re-sealing at any point in the future.