The aesthetic benefits of granite and quartz worktops

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Quartz and granite kitchen and bathroom worktops are often chosen as much for their aesthetic as their practical qualities; the points below highlighting just why their look is still as popular as ever.

  • Granite and quartz are available in a very wide range of light and dark colours. Quartz, because it is engineered into superior stone products such as cimstone quartz, has a potentially unlimited palette. Even where understated shades are selected over striking bold colours, there may well still be subtle hints of colour within the patterns of the granite or quartz that successfully complement the decor of a kitchen or bathroom
  • No two pieces of granite are the same. Coming straight from the quarry, each piece of granite contains a unique mix of mineral and chemical deposits which add stunning, individual swirls and veining to a worktop. For those who prefer uniformity and consistency in their worktops, however, the strictly controlled production of quartz products such as cimstone ensures that worktops throughout the kitchen or bathroom will be identical
  • Granite in particular has a depth which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to replicate synthetically. Quartz meanwhile has a natural polished look whilst granite, once polished and periodically sealed, will retain that look for years to come
  • Lots of people agree that granite and quartz have a rare ability to fit in well in both contemporary and traditional layouts

Given these reasons it is often well worth obtaining samples to fully appreciate how quartz or granite might improve the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom.