The best surfaces for your bathroom

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The bathroom is a place to which we retreat for relaxation, and having an aesthetically pleasing bathroom design goes a long way when it comes to comfort and luxury. When choosing bathroom worktops you want to be sure that the pattern and design complements your bathroom décor, however you also want your surfaces to be able to withstand the wet environment, otherwise they will become damaged or stained.

Granite worktops are an extremely popular choice for bathrooms. Looking after granite worktops is incredibly simple as they are water resistant, stain resistant and durable, making them perfect for the bathroom environment. Granite worktops will not suffer in wet conditions, and can withstand hot appliances such as curling tongs or hair straighteners. In addition, granite surfaces are available in a range of colours and patterns, and are an affordable choice when considering new surfaces for your bathroom.

Another cost-effective choice is cultured marble, which is again durable and water resistant – in fact cultured marble is four times stronger than natural stone. It is also easy to maintain and simple to repair.

Finding the perfect worktops for your bathroom can be enjoyable and easy. Just remember to choose registered company fitters when installing your bathroom worktops to ensure that they are fitted correctly.