The choice of colour and pattern available for worktops

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Deciding on the right choice of colour and design for home furnishings and fittings is of course extremely important; and the issue of personal choice is no different when it comes to choosing colours and patterns for kitchen and bathroom worktops.

There is in fact an astonishingly large range of aesthetic variation when it comes to choosing worktops, and not just for those worktops produced entirely from low quality synthetic materials such as acrylics.

Top of the range worktops made from natural stone are also characterised by a wide selection of colours and patterns.

Granite worktops, for example, benefit from the particular geological history of the site from where the original stone was quarried. Provided a dealer is found with a stock of these different granites, the choice of colours and patterns available for the purchaser will be extremely wide.

When it comes to quartz worktops, designs will be even more varied; since these will have been created deliberately during the transformation of the stone into a useable worktop material.

The effects crafted into each worktop will be based on the introduction of special pigments – and, in some cases, of small pieces of material such as glass or mirror- within the compacted and resin-sealed quartz slab.

Moreover, worktops produced by each established name in quartz – Compac Quartz worktops or Caesarstone worktops, for example – will boast their own range of branded colours and patterns; adding even further to the choice available to the customer.