The growing popularity of quartz

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Quartz worktops have become an extremely popular choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops over recent years. Quartz is a very similar surface to granite, its fashionable predecessor, however the difference between the two stones is that whilst granite is a natural igneous rock; quartz is engineered to have all the aesthetic advantages of granite, yet is simpler to maintain.

Quartz cannot be cut into slabs since the hard mineral only forms into small clusters. Instead, it is crushed and ground with resin and binders to create attractive stone slabs for countertops. One of the main advantages of quartz countertops is the fact that you can have the slabs designed to the pattern and colour of your choice, unlike granite which comes in an entirely natural appearance caused by the ground and mining conditions.

Finely ground quartz granules create an even-grained appearance, whereas coarsely ground quartz will look more flecked. Your desired colourant can be added during engineering. The size and edges of your slabs can also be chosen at the time of purchase so that they too are designed according to your particular needs and taste.

On a practical level, quartz countertops are dense, durable and non porous. This makes them strong against harmful chemicals and liquids, and resistant to stains, meaning they will maintain their look and purpose for a very long time. Cleaning only requires some water and mild detergent.

Quartz worktops generally come with a warranty of around 10 years, and should be installed by a certified engineer.