The importance of colour when choosing kitchen or bathroom worktops

In Bathroom Countertops, Kitchen Worktops by dawn

Bearing in mind that granite or quartz worktops usually last a lifetime, it is as important to give as much thought to the colour of these worktop as it is to the material used in their construction.

Ironically, the colour of the current decor of a kitchen or bathroom should not really hold any influence over what the worktop colour should be; kitchen colour schemes will often change over time and the current decor may not have been chosen with a worktop in mind.

What should be considered carefully instead is the way in which the colour, patterning and style of the worktop can optimise the best use of the available space. In many cases, an alternative overall kitchen colour scheme will be required to enhance the impact of the new worktop, rather than buying a worktop to fit the existing colour scheme.

Whilst a preference for lighter shades may be appropriate where a room is small, and greater definition brought out with darker shades where a room is larger, it should be noted that there are a surprising number of variants on the ‘light and dark’ theme in quartz and granite worktops. Cimstone quartz, being an engineered stone, is available in a wide range of predetermined colours; and even the natural colours of granite can number up to 500 world-wide, ranging from creams and pinks, right through to reds, greys and blacks.

It is also important to keep in mind that even seemingly neutral colours such as grey can contain very noticeable specs or undertones of other colours.