The importance of obtaining samples before choosing kitchen and bathroom worktops

In Kitchen Worktops by dawn

Selecting the right colour and design for a new kitchen or bathroom worktop is sometimes less straightforward than might at first appear. Not only are there many different colours and patterns to choose from, it is not always obvious which of these options might best complement a household’s existing decor.

The best method of making that final decision a lot easier is to obtain samples.

One of the reasons why obtaining a sample can make so much difference is that any kitchen or bathroom will often have different decoration ‘reference’ points, each of which can influence the impact of a worktop in a variety of ways. A floor colour or pattern, for example, may influence the overall effect of a worktop much more than the colour of the cabinets or surrounding walls.

Likewise, both traditional granite worktops and more modern quartz worktops can contain hints of a secondary colour which will sometimes only become obvious when contrasted with other furnishings, or when placed under certain lighting conditions.

Certain quartz brands such as Compac Quartz may also feature small pieces of mirror or tile which, in addition to the quartz itself, can generate an overall glimmering effect when the light is caught.

Most reputable dealers will, for a reasonable fee, allow customers to select small samples of a particular worktop, as they know how important customer satisfaction is, and will of course want to ensure the complete suitability of a worktop prior to commencing installation.