The many reasons why quartz worktops remain so much in demand

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Quartz worktops are often praised exclusively for being tough enough to withstand the cut and thrust of a busy, modern kitchen. Whilst, however, the resilience of quartz worktops is certainly beyond any doubt, there are several other reasons why they remain so much sought after by households.

Firstly, quartz worktops are not only tough – they are also hermetically sealed. This renders them highly resistant to bacterial infiltration and the spread of mildew. This impenetrable quality of quartz stone worktops of course benefits those who seek to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in the kitchen; but it also means that quartz worktops are ideal for the wet and steamy conditions of the bathroom.

Secondly, unlike granite worktops, which sometimes contain natural inconsistencies in colour and pattern, quartz stone worktops are processed by skilled craftsmen to ensure uniformity in appearance. The result is kitchen and bathroom worktops which can be cut to any shape or size by a professional installer, yet still appear aesthetically intact.

Thirdly, quartz worktops tend to maintain their original appearance for far longer than acrylic worktops such as those made from Corian. Not only are they less prone to scratching and cracking, but their low porosity means that staining is extremely unlikely.

Finally, there are, arguably, no other types of worktop which combine high quality with so thorough and comprehensive a range of design and colour choice. World famous brands such as Compac Quartz even now still regularly add to their already vast catalogue of bold and imaginative designs.