The practical benefits of granite and quartz worktops

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Granite and quartz are often chosen for their unique aesthetic qualities. There are of course also many practical and functional reasons for choosing granite and quartz.

Many of these advantages relate to the hygienic nature of granite and quartz surfaces. UK householders who have had granite and quartz worktops professionally fitted often praise the worktops for the ease with which they can be kept clean. All that is usually required is a quick wipe down with soapy water. The fact that quartz and kitchen granite worktops are also highly resistant to staining from water and other liquids also makes them a popular choice.

The hygienic qualities extend to the fact that with granite and quartz stone worktops it is possible to install an undermount sink; in other words a sink that fits perfectly flush to the worktop level. Unlike a traditional drop-in sink there is no overlap over the worktop and therefore no danger of harbouring matter and bacteria in the gap between the sink overlap lip and the work surface.

Kitchen and bathroom worktops made from quartz and granite are extremely hard-wearing and, provide they are subjected to normal day-to-day use, are far less susceptible to scratching or chipping than conventional laminate worktops. In addition, unlike hardwood worktops, they are highly heat resistant and will not warp. As a consequence quartz and granite worktops can literally last a lifetime.

In order to maximise the benefits of quartz or granite worktops it is important to ensure they are installed by professionals. It is also essential to periodically seal granite worktops.