The quality of quartz worktops

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

As the weather brightens up, albeit ever so briefly, it is natural that people start to consider doing work on their homes. Kitchens and bathrooms are areas which are typically on the agenda, and getting the right look here is essential.

Aspects that are critical to get right are the kitchen and bathroom worktops. Many homeowners have trouble making a decision over what material to use for these, however. One option, which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, is quartz.

It offers a superior solution to many other materials which can be used for worktops and it is also an environmentally friendly option. Man-made using mostly recovered quartz crystals, it is mixed with polymers and dyes to create a wonderfully natural look.

Being a contrived product though, there are virtually no limits as to what colours and shapes can be achieved. It is this quality, perhaps above all else, that make it such a great countertop. That it offers superb durability and strength – better than granite in fact – adds yet another dimension to its appeal.

It is heat and scratch resistant, for example, and also has a great resistance to moisture. Another great benefit is that it is simple and straightforward to maintain, requiring not a great deal more than a simple wipe down with a soapy cloth.

Whether looking to update a bathroom, or remodel a modern kitchen, quartz worktops are the perfect choice. Able to suit any design and the very latest innovations, this material works excellently in any setting.