The quartz versus granite debate continues

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Many years have passed since quartz worktops first became established as the leading alternative to traditional granite worktops. Yet, it is perhaps testament to the strengths of both worktop formats that in some quarters debate still lingers on as to which material is ultimately the best.

The key difference of course between kitchen or bathroom worktops made from quartz or granite lies in the original production process.

No matter what the colour or design; size or shape; or whether they are intended for a bathroom or a kitchen; granite worktops all have one attribute in common – they have all been fashioned from a single slab of granite mined straight from the ground.

Quartz worktops on the other hand – whether produced by the long-standing Diresco Quartz organisation, or later entrants such as Compac Quartz – are all created using the same method: by compressing small pieces of pure quartz together within an impermeable resin to produce an extremely tough, hard-wearing, and easy to clean work surface.

Furthermore, unlike granite, which is entirely dependent on Mother Nature for its colours and patterns, the myriad styles and hues of quartz worktops are all produced in a controlled way during the manufacturing process.

The buyer of a quartz worktop therefore has an extremely wide choice of colour and style; ranging from the extremely bright and bold, to the clean and simple colours of, say, the latest Compac Trend range.

The question of whether quartz or granite is the superior worktop material, however, is perhaps still subject to that ultimate and most indisputable of judgement criteria: individual preference.