The relative quality of quartz and granite worktops

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Worktops are often chosen for their interior design qualities, but they are also important functional kitchen and bathroom accessories. It is vital therefore when choosing worktops that the qualities of durability and sustainability are given equal consideration to aesthetics.

For this reason laminate worktops, though cheap, are often regarded as a false economy, since their superficially attractive veneers can easily become chipped or cracked, creating a potential haven for mould and bacteria. Wooden worktops, though more expensive and hardwearing, can still suffer from scratches. Wooden worktops can also stain easily as well as suffer from distortions when subject to high temperatures.

Quartz and granite worktops on the other hand benefit from all the strength and hard wearing qualities of natural stone.

Granite worktops, just like the granite they are made from, are highly scratch-resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Provided they are sealed they will also be impervious to staining by liquids.

Quartz stone worktops on the other hand are even tougher than granite worktops. They are also extremely stain-resistant. Moreover, because for modern applications quartz is almost always combined with a small quantity of resin, the result is a specially processed product that is easier to cut and match during installation; this helps to eliminate the possibility of gaps and consequently contamination.

As well as being extremely practical however, granite and quartz worktops are more than the equal of all other worktops in terms of aesthetic quality; quartz and polished granite possess beautiful patterns and are available in a wide range of light and dark colours