Three key steps when choosing a new worktop

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When selecting a new kitchen or bathroom worktop, most home decorating experts agree there are three vital steps to ensuring a satisfactory makeover.

Firstly, it is vital to look at the full range of materials available for worktop installation and to consider their merits and drawbacks.

Whilst laminates and acrylics might be less expensive than Caesarstone or granite worktops, they are also far more prone to scratching and staining.

Most people also consider granite, Caesarstone and other quartz worktops to possess far superior aesthetic qualities – arguably one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of Caesarstone worktops in Yorkshire, Humberside, Leeds and Yorkshire.

The next step is to find the most effective colour and pattern for the room in question.

The choice of colour could well depend on the size of the room – darker shades often making a larger room appear more homely and less austere – whilst lighter shades usually create the welcome illusion of space in enclosed areas.

Colour schemes and patterns might also depend on the surrounding décor – or whether bathroom worktops are being installed as opposed to those for the kitchen.

At any rate, as choices become narrowed down, many experts recommend trying to obtain worktop samples – since the lighting conditions of the room in question can have a surprising impact on the colour chosen.

The third step is to arrange for a professional installation. Stone worktops in particular, such as those made from granite, Compac Quartz, Caesarstone or Compac Marmol, can have many of their inherent benefits undermined by a poor fitting.