What type of kitchen worktop will you choose?

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We have compiled a selection of different types of popular kitchen worktops and why we feel Quartz or granite worktops are the right choice for you.

Wood vs Quartz

Wood kitchen worktops look warm and mellow and contain natural anti-bacterial properties. The colour choice is limited to natural shades of wood.

Wooden worktops require oiling at least twice a year to prevent them drying out. They can be prone to rust stains, scratching and score marks and can blacken due to contact with moisture if fitted near to the sink.

Quartz worktops come in a myriad of shades and patterns are water proof and hard wearing but pan stands and cutting boards are recommended to avoid damage.

Stainless Steel vs Quartz

Steel is a medium that environmental health officers prefer professional chefs and caterers to use as worktops in their commercial kitchens . It is hygienic and easy to look after.It will scratch if scoured and you can’t cut on it . Poorer thinner grades of steel can dent and can rust on seams and corners. Stainless steel can look contemporary and modern, but it can also look cold and clinical.

Quartz worktops are non porous so are hygienic and are hard wearing but as above use chopping boards and pan stands.

Glass vs Quartz

Glass looks good is hygienic and comes in a wide range of colours.However the edges need to be rounded for safety. It will scratch. It smudges really easily and price is an issue.

Quartz worktops are shiny available in many colours and don’t show fingermarks and smudges and are more accessible to smaller kitchen planning budgets.

Corian vs Quartz

Corian is actually a brand name. It is a product made from a blend of acrylic and natural minerals and is similar to quartz it is versatile but expensive.

Quartz is a more affordable option and if fitted well will look just as good.

Laminates vs Quartz

With laminates you get what you pay for! They range from cheap and nasty to granite , wood and marble effects.They are a wood chip composite with a man made surface bonded to the top.

They are stain and moisture resistant, and come with a wide choice of colour and finishes, but they can chip, scratch or burn easily and laminates will if not cared for will deteriorate over time.

In our opinion laminates are a durable budget product but they lack the aesthetics of natural stone or quartz worktops.

Granite vs Quartz

Granite worktops come in a wide range of styles and colours and are very hard wearing, they can be cut to include sink inserts and draining grooves.They can have a gloss or matt finish and are available in a choice of thickness, 20mm thickness is currently favoured by leading kitchen designers.

Granite worktops are ideal for pastry work as they are cool to the touch, they are hard wearing but will stain if spills are not cleaned immediately, harsh cleaning fluids, abrasives and acids will dull and erode your granite worktops so pay attention and stick to care and cleaning instructions supplied .

Quartz Worktops

So to sum up, quartz worktops are durable, affordable and easy care. Maintained as per manufacturers guidelines they will stay beautiful for years.