What you don’t have to do when caring for quartz worktops

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Most articles on caring for quartz worktops are usually notoriously short and sweet; simply because quartz stone worktops – including those made from Compac Quartz – are so well made there is very little advice one can offer on care and maintenance.

This article, therefore, focuses on what owners of quartz kitchen or bathroom worktops – to their great relief – do not have to do when in caring for their pride and joy.

Firstly, unlike purchasers of granite worktops, quartz worktop owners do not have to worry about adding any sealant before their first use. Quartz worktops (just like Compac Marmol worktops) are hermetically sealed using a special resin which prevents the penetration of any spilled liquids or steam from a bathroom or kitchen; whereas granite worktops can be quite porous and might even stain if left unsealed.

Secondly, owners of quartz worktops do not have to worry about polishing the surface in order to retain its glossy shine. Quartz worktops – particularly those of the Compac Quartz variety – are crafted so as to retain their shine over their lifetime.

Thirdly, those who have had quartz worktops fitted do not have to worry about the effects or normal kitchen activities such a chopping or slicing; quartz worktops are immensely tough and resilient, and are built to take a lot of punishment.

Finally, owners of quartz worktops do not have to use – and indeed should not use – abrasive or chemical fluids to clean their surfaces; quartz worktops usually require just a quick wipe down with soapy water to stay clean and hygienic.