When colour really matters, opt for quartz surfaces

In Compac Quartz, Granite Worktops by dawn

Those attracted to the look, feel and inherent quality of solid stone worktops will occasionally be very specific about the colour they require. This could be due to having surrounding furnishings which they wish to match or set off colour-wise in a precise manner. If this is the case then quartz stone worktops may well be preferable to traditional granite worktops.

Whether installed in a bathroom or kitchen, granite worktops of course do look stunning. However, it is important to remember that whilst granite comes in a wide variety of colours, nature will have often played her tricks on each colour’s tone and consistency.

For this reason, those seeking a solid, reliable colour for their kitchen or bathroom worktops may well find that a granite surface appears somewhat too ‘multi-toned’ for their liking.

Engineered stone on the other hand, such as Compac Quartz and the marble-based Compac Marmol, are produced using methods which tightly control the colour and pattern on the finished article.

Furthermore, unlike laminates, which come in a limited choice of colours, quartz worktops are always available in a very wide variety of colour options. Thus, with quartz surfaces, UK householders usually find it much easier to track down the colour they really need for a particular room.

There is a final note of caution: it should always be remembered that any colour may well look very different under certain lighting conditions. To be on the safe side therefore it is always best to request real samples which can be tried out at home before purchasing.