Which worktop for the contemporary kitchen or bathroom?

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Householders either with – or seeking to create – a contemporary look for their kitchen or bathroom might quite understandably wish to avoid the more traditional worktop colours and patterns.

It can be a mistake, however, to confuse the search for a modern-looking aesthetic with a refusal to consider stone-based materials, such as granite and Caesarstone.

The first point to note in this context is that the ‘modern’ alternatives to stone-based worktop materials are often far less effective in relation to both function and aesthetic impact.

Acrylics and laminates can scratch or chip easily, and are less able to withstand the effects of heat, water, steam and liquid spillages.

In addition, many commentators and many members of the public – when asked to compare samples – will often agree that acrylics and laminates cannot replicate the natural warmth and depth of bathroom and kitchen granite worktops, or those made from Caesarstone.

The second point to bear in mind is that whilst traditional granite is available in a far more diverse range of colours than many householders often realise, Caesarstone and other modern stone materials – such as Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol – provide an even greater range of aesthetic choices.

This is because whilst the quartz used to make Caesarstone worktops is as ancient and hardwearing as granite itself, the process used in the manufacturing of the worktops permits a greater control over colour and pattern creation. This leads to many different colours and designs, ranging from the delicate and understated to the bold and bright.