Why caring for quartz worktops is so easy

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Those unfamiliar with stone worktops may sometimes fear that a natural substance in their home will require lots of additional care and attention. Nothing in fact could be further from the truth.

Although stone worktops are a sign of luxury and prestige, the main reasons why they have been prized throughout the generations are their high performance; superior hygiene; and minimal requirements for maintenance – and these are the main reasons why they continue to be used in professional circles today.

Once stone worktops have been installed professionally, there is very little required from the householder to keep them looking perfect for many years to come.

Although granite worktops are more porous than quartz worktops – and will therefore usually need sealing before first use – both types of worktop usually require only a simple wipe down with soapy water to stay clean.

Furthermore, throughout their lifetime there is no need to polish to keep them looking as shiny and glossy as when they were first installed.

In addition, although both types of worktop are extremely tough and unlikely to crack or harbour bacterial or fungal growth, modern quartz stone worktops – such as those made from Compac Quartz – are arguably even more safe and hygienic.

This is because quartz worktops are enveloped in a hard and impenetrable transparent resin coating which can resist staining, chipping and exposure to high temperatures.

It can be said therefore that stone worktops – and quartz stone worktops in particular – will not only improve your home aesthetically, but will also save you time spent working in the kitchen.