Why Compac Marmol and quartz surfaces are increasingly chosen for luxury kitchens and bathrooms

In Compac Marmol, Compac Quartz by dawn

Any plans for a luxury kitchen or bathroom will usually involve the introduction of modern furnishings and accessories. The installation of quality worktops, however, should also be given priority. This is because premium grade kitchen and bathroom worktops will not only enhance a room both practically and aesthetically; they should also last a lifetime, whilst possessing the uncanny ability to fit in with almost any future changes of decor.

Granite worktops are often considered the obvious choice for premium quality installations. In recent years, however, alternative solid stone worktops have increasingly found favour over traditional bathroom and kitchen granite worktops.

Worktops made from Compac Marmol and Compac Quartz, for example – consisting of premium grade engineered stone sections which can be professionally fitted together to suit any size or shape of functional kitchen or bathroom area – have been fitted extensively in both traditional and modern homes.

In addition to being more conveniently sized, Compac Marmol and quartz stone worktops also share the advantage over granite of being able to resist accidental staining without the need for sealing. This is because the natural stone aggregate in both Compac Marmol and quartz worktops is bonded tightly and impermeably with a minimal proportion of resin.

The unique shine from the quartz stone in Compac Quartz surfaces is a feature often commented on by those who have installed quartz surfaces in UK homes. Such worktops are also as easily hard-wearing and durable as granite, and require only a quick wipe down with soapy water to stay completely clean and hygienic.