Why Diresco Quartz worktops are popular for bathrooms

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Diresco Quartz worktops are not only renowned as a much sought-after kitchen fixture; they also have a strong association with bathrooms.

The link between Diresco Quartz and bathrooms has perhaps been encouraged by the stoneware’s reputation as a relatively non-slip flooring; particularly when it is finished in Anitcato – or shot-blast – style.

Diresco Quartz flooring has also been prized for being sufficiently hard-wearing to maintain the intensity of its colour over time, regardless of traffic.

That Diresco Quartz’s appeal should have extended so easily to bathroom worktops is perhaps easily explained by the attractiveness of its colour range; and of course by the superior functional qualities it shares with other modern stone worktops, such as Compac Quartz, Compac Marmol, and caesarstone worktops.

Diresco Quartz worktops are particularly valued for being able to withstand steam, chemical spills, and the staining and rotting that often affects inferior worktop materials when exposed to the wet and dampness of a bathroom.

Furthermore, Diresco Quartz worktops have often received praise for the ease with which they can be cleaned; simply requiring soapy water and a quick dry down rather than special detergents.

All these qualities of course make Diresco Quartz one of the main alternatives to traditional granite worktops.

It should also be noted that being far more flexible than granite, a skilled fitter can more easily achieve a secure and perfect fitting using Diresco Quartz.

In addition, the compact and impermeable resin binding of Diresco Quartz worktops means that, unlike bathroom and kitchen granite worktops, those made from Diresco Quartz do not require periodic sealing.