Why everybody is talking about Compac Trend worktops

In Compac Quartz by dawn

Even for those who have some knowledge of quartz worktops, it can sometimes be confusing when a whole new range is introduced into an extremely lively and highly successful market.

Many experts in the field of interior design have commented that what makes the new Compac Trend worktops so notable is that they conform unequivocally to virtually every standard expected from the best kitchen and bathroom worktops.

Firstly, the Trend range has been engineered by one of the top names in worktop manufacture: Compac.

Compac Quartz worktops, along with caesarstone worktops, are generally regarded as among the few branded products worthy of favourable comparison with those of the original – and still dominant – quartz brand, Diresco quartz.

Secondly, according to Compac, Trend worktops are guaranteed to be 100% non-porous; a quality which Compac has managed to perfect over many years, not only in much of its quartz range, but also in its refined marble construct, Compac Marmol.

The advantages of non-porosity are numerous. Not only is staining eliminated but so too is the need to use potentially ecologically harmful chemical cleaning agents. Also, non-porous surfaces are more hygienic and last longer. One could argue that only granite worktops match surfaces made from quartz for resistance to the blights of mould and bacterial contamination.

As well as this, Compac Trend worktops are extremely tough and hard-wearing and certainly more than a match for traditional bathroom and kitchen granite worktops.

The durability and resilience of the Trend range is further demonstrated by the fact that Compac has introduced a range of flooring using the same material.