Why granite and quartz worktops are also suitable for bathrooms

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Some of the best-looking kitchens are now fitted with quality quartz or granite worktops. Yet there are also many satisfied customers who have chosen granite or quartz for their bathroom worktops – and it is very easy to see why.

Firstly, both granite and quartz are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, water stains, and volatile atmospheric conditions. This is a most welcome quality for bathrooms where wet and steamy conditions often prevail. Installing less robust worktops such as laminates can even lead to the growth of mildew or fungi.

A second reason for opting for quartz or granite bathroom worktops is the ease with which they can be cleaned. Provided it has been treated on installation with an appropriate proprietary liquid sealant, granite usually only requires soap and water to maintain its lustre. No such sealant is required for quartz surfaces; UK and worldwide, quartz worktops are growing in popularity as ‘ready to use’, easy to clean, engineered stone alternatives that more than match the natural beauty and feel of granite.

Last but not least, quartz and granite make ideal materials for bathroom worktops because they have a certain intrinsic look of luxury that never seems to go out of fashion in bathrooms. Available in a range of light and dark colours, and possessing patterns and markings that reflect the sheer depth and beauty of natural polished stone, granite and quartz worktops really can suit any bathroom decor or lighting scheme.