Why granite and quartz worktops are best

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Stone worktops are the choice for both kitchen and bathroom worktops among style-conscious households. Of all the stone worktops available however, quartz stone worktops and granite worktops are the most popular. One main reason for this is that granite and quartz worktops look simply stunning when compared to other stone worktops; the rich, deep patterns in polished granite are among the few that cannot be reproduced faithfully using synthetic means. Another is that they are also far more hard-wearing.

Limestone and soapstone surfaces, for example, are not as heat-resistant as granite or quartz surfaces. UK householders who have opted for limestone or soapstone have found this relative sensitivity to heat not only makes them less able to withstand the setting down of hot utensils, but it can also frustrate whenever a cool surface is required for applications such as pastry making.

Marble on the other hand, whilst beautiful in its own right, can scratch and stain far too easily. This is because marble is essentially a soft, porous stone that lends itself well to cutting and shaping but is not ideal for taking the long-term knocks of kitchen and bathroom activity.

Provided it is sealed, a granite worktop should last its owner a lifetime. Quartz worktops meanwhile, because they are made from cimstone quartz – a combination of quartz and a small quantity of resin – are even more hard-wearing than granite worktops.

It is little wonder why so many consumers favour quartz and granite worktops.