Why people are choosing Diresco quartz worktops

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Many people are currently talking about Diresco quartz; the Belgium-based worktop product which is gradually making a big name for itself in the quartz worktop market.

As this brand of quartz worktop grows in popularity, the question is often asked whether Diresco quartz is superior to other types of quartz, such as Compac Quartz.

The answer is essentially that whilst there are good reasons why so many people are choosing Diresco quartz, all quality brands of quartz possess attributes which make them ideal materials for kitchen and bathroom worktops; and by the same token, in many people’s eyes, far preferable to that most traditional of worktop stoneware, granite.

Worktops made from Diresco quartz, for example, are available in both light and dark shades, many of which are offered in a choice of three treatments: polished, honed or easy clean, and shot-blasted or Anticato.

They are also available in a choice of three thicknesses: 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.

Whilst, however, these choices will of course impress many, it is important when selecting kitchen and bathroom worktops to ensure that the colour and style present the perfect option for what will be a prime accessory likely to last a lifetime.

For these reasons it is essential to approach a supplier who not only stocks Diresco quartz worktops, but also carries a range of other quartz brands such as Compac Quartz and CaesarStone worktops.

Other modern quality worktops also worthy of consideration include those made from Compac Marmol.