Why quality worktops are also essential for bathrooms

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Caesarstone worktops and other quality quartz worktops are often selected exclusively for kitchens as a modern alternative to granite worktops.

A surprisingly large number of householders however do not give their bathroom the same consideration as their kitchens – often putting up with second-rate countertops or vanity units.

Bathrooms however are just as vulnerable as kitchens to the potential adverse effects of water or chemical spillage – and, of course, to the effects of steam.

A quality product such as Caesarstone is often precisely what a bathroom requires to ensure that all its surfaces maintain their strength and resilience – whilst also remaining impervious to rot.

The key to Caesarstone’s success when used as a material for bathroom worktops lies mainly in the stoneware’s manufacturing process.

All Caesarstone worktops are produced by compacting pure quartz pieces tightly together and hermetically sealing them using a highly impermeable and hard-wearing resin.

Consequently, spillages – be they water or chemical-based – are easy to wipe off and almost impossible to absorb.

In addition, it is important to remember that quartz is one of the most resilient substances found on earth – and is therefore highly unlikely to warp if regularly exposed to steam or atmospheric heat.

Many householders in the wider Yorkshire, Humberside, Leeds and Cheshire areas have also been attracted to Caesarstone quartz worktops for their aesthetic appeal.

For those attracted to the aesthetic quality of Caesarstone worktops, it is worth bearing in mind that the inherent resilience of Caesarstone is likely to ensure that colour and pattern are also likely to remain undiminished over time.