Why quartz and granite worktops are always a wise investment

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Granite and quartz worktops are often an investment of those wishing to turn a house into their dream home. Quality stone kitchen or bathroom worktops transform a room into a focal point for warmth and luxury. In addition, solid stone worktops simply cannot be beaten for durability, resilience and hygiene.

However, some potential purchasers of granite or quartz stone worktops hesitate before transforming their home in this way.

Of the undecided, those who may question the relative expense of such worktops should weigh up the relative merits of owning a solid stone worktop that can easily last a lifetime, over cheaper synthetic alternatives that stain, crack or chip easily.

Alternatively, those who worry that stone surfaces require extra maintenance would do well to note that bathroom and kitchen granite worktops need only a simple brush over with a sealant every year or so, and that Compac Quartz requires no such treatment at all.

Some homeowners worry about the possibility that they might move home sometime in the future and therefore question the wisdom of paying out for granite or quartz surfaces. UK homes however have been found by some to sell more easily with solid stone worktops, whether made from granite, Compac Quartz or its equivalent in enhanced and refined marble, Compac Marmol. Many estate agents also comment that such stone worktops can actually increase the overall value of a property.

Furthermore, quartz and granite worktops, regardless of style and colour, are of such high quality that they rarely give any redecoration concerns to the potential purchaser of a property.