Why quartz and granite worktops are equally suited for smaller dwellings

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It is perhaps because quartz or granite worktops are often seen in the large luxury kitchens and bathrooms of glossy magazines that many householders with smaller rooms automatically dismiss the idea of fitting granite or quartz surfaces. UK kitchens and bathrooms in particular are statistically smaller than many of their overseas counterparts.

The reality however is that granite or quartz worktops can actually be an appropriate choice for a smaller room.

Firstly, whilst some granite worktops can admittedly benefit from one being able to experiencing the full sweep of a slab’s individual colour progressions and patterns, there is nothing to stop a piece of granite being cut down to a smaller size. In some cases smaller off-cuts from the same quality granite slab may also be available.

Quartz stone worktops on the other hand are always produced from a controlled combination of real quartz and resin. As a consequence the colours and patterns on quartz worktops are regular and controlled; and can therefore be cut down to any size or shape without fear of undermining any large-scale design.

Compac Quartz is a beautiful example of this type of engineered stone. For lovers of marble, a stunning engineered stone marble known as Compac Marmol is also available.

Finally, those with smaller kitchens and bathrooms should also bear in mind that they will at least not have to worry about the awkward challenge facing many in larger properties: that of being forced to try to join together – unobtrusively of course – two maximum length granite or quartz worktop slabs.