Why quartz surfaces appeal to the modern householder

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Quartz worktops are increasingly challenging the dominance of bathroom and kitchen granite worktops, not only because they offer the same, if not better, levels of quality and durability; but also because they more easily meet modern expectations of choice and originality.

Quartz is an exceptionally hard mineral found in ancient rock layers throughout the world. In order to transform quartz into a suitable material for kitchen and bathroom worktops, it is broken down and blended with resin to produce panels of various colours. The panels are produced under particular ‘designer’ names, including internationally renowned Compac quartz – a sister product to the highly regarded marble-based stoneware, Compac Marmol.

In choosing between traditional granite worktops and quartz surfaces, UK householders have often been limited to the dilemma of the spontaneous beauty of granite; or the more uniform patterns of quartz.

However, with Compac Quartz stone worktops, the sheer range of vibrant colours – and the consequently wider variety of decorative choices for the modern home – is now a major deciding factor.

In addition, unlike granite, quartz does not need sealing to prevent staining; meaning that it is ready to be used straight away.

Among the factors that does link granite and quartz however is the need for skilled and professional installation. Although quartz worktops might appear more straightforward to piece together, they can still be just as tricky to align with the fittings in awkwardly shaped kitchens and bathrooms.

Choosing an installation by professionals – such as those registered with the Guild of Master Craftsmen – will usually lead to a quicker and more professional-looking installation.