Why quartz worktops easily match granite surfaces for quality and beauty

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

For those householders seeking quality kitchen and bathroom worktops, quartz has become an increasingly popular choice over the past few years; with some suppliers even reporting sales of quartz stone worktops to have overtaken those of traditional granite worktops.

Some potential purchasers however continue to question whether quartz worktops can ever truly match the natural beauty and hard-wearing functionality of granite. The answer from the many customers who have installed quartz worktops is a resounding ‘yes’.

Firstly, although quartz – unlike granite – does not exist naturally as a solid slab ready to be shaped, polished, sealed, and laid over the tops of units, it is still nonetheless a natural stone with a firmness and resilience second only to precious gems such as diamonds; and which can easily be transformed in the right hands into the perfect stone worktop.

Using a powerful compacting process and a little resin to help bind nuggets of quartz together, specialist manufacturers can produce quartz stone worktops which are as tough, hard-wearing and as easy to clean as granite.

Secondly, the natural beauty of quartz is enhanced all the more by the skills of the manufacturer. Elite quartz products such as Compac Quartz for example, are crafted in a range of colours and patterns using specialist dyes; and have a perennial polished look that requires absolutely no physical rubbing or buffing.

So popular is the Compac range in fact that for some customers, when choosing a surface for a bathroom or kitchen, granite worktops may well rank in third place behind Compac’s marble option, Compac Marmol.