Why quartz worktops hold their own against granite

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Quartz stone worktops are now well-established in many homes worldwide, but there is still a preference among some householders for traditional granite worktops.

Whilst this is of course a matter of personal taste, it would be wrong and misleading for granite’s devotees to claim any objective superiority for their choice of stoneware.

Admittedly, quartz worktops are not constituted in the same way as granite worktops; given that the quartz is formed from a combination of quartz pieces blended and compacted together with a small quantity of epoxy resin, rather than mined in slabs, like granite.

The end result however is a stone worktop which is as strong and durable as granite, and which can easily lay claim to holding its own aesthetically.

These qualities of quartz are perhaps demonstrated not only in it being chosen for the much-adored kitchen and bathroom worktops of countless homes; but, significantly, as the choice for the floorings of many a prestigious public or corporate building across the world – both for its beauty and for its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic unscathed.

Adherents of bathroom and kitchen granite worktops will of course quite rightly point to the unique three-dimensional depth-effect that can only really resonate from a highly-polished granite slab. Again, however, this is a question of personal taste.

Others may well find this less preferable than the wide range of colours and effects generated by different brands of quartz such as Compac Quartz.

Interestingly, granite is also now finding increasing competition from other modern stone amalgam products such as Campac Marmol.