Why seeing is believing when choosing caesarstone worktops over granite

In Granite Worktops by dawn

For some people the idea of buying alternatives to granite worktops for their kitchen or bathroom can be a little disconcerting.

Despite the fact that caesarstone worktops, like most other quality quartz worktops, have been shown to be hard-wearing, resilient, hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain, some people say they simply prefer the traditional look and feel of granite in a bathroom or kitchen.

Granite worktops are also, of course, highly durable and resistant to a great many of the pressures associated with a modern kitchen or bathroom.

Worktops, however, are available in a number of other quality formats, including caesarstone, Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol; and these have all been found by many a demanding householder to meet the same aesthetic and functional standards as granite.

The main difference between these worktops and those made from granite is that the former are processed using real stone combined with a small quantity of resin; rather than, like granite, consisting of stone excavated straight from the ground.

These more modern stone worktops also require less maintenance than granite; their owners, for example, do not have to ensure they are sealed before use.

For those with a reluctance to choose anything other than granite it is always recommended that they at least take a look at other stone worktops to ensure they are not unduly restricting their choice.

Many buyers, for example, have fallen in love with a caesarstone worktop once they have studied the full range of colours and styles available and received a real sample.