Why there are so few domestic disasters with quartz worktops

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Quartz worktops are, besides granite worktops, probably the toughest and most resilient work surfaces it is possible to install.

Not only do they make an excellent work companion; they are also extremely easy to look after and will usually last a lifetime. Glossy quartz surfaces such as those made with Compac Quartz, for example, will tend to stay glossy for years after they have been purchased.

The advantage of quartz worktops is that, although they are made using real quartz stone, they are also hermetically sealed. This prevents any seepage and consequent staining from liquid and other spillages.

Quartz stone worktops compare favourably with granite worktops in this respect, as the latter are similarly stain resistant, but only after having been sealed by the customer after purchase.

The hermetic sealing on quartz worktops also means that most spillages can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth, leaving no traces of residue.

Even when more serious spillages occur, quartz worktops are far less easily affected than most other kitchen or bathroom worktops. This applies particularly if the offending spillage is wiped up straight away.

However, even more dried-on, stubborn marks do not necessarily spell disaster – as they would for other materials made from less robust materials. If a non-corrosive proprietary cleaner and a mild cleaning cloth don’t do the trick, any plastic scraping implement should be able to gently ease away any residue, followed by a mild rub with the cleaner and a cloth.