Why top brands are recommended for quartz kitchen and bathroom worktops

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Aggregate stone worktops, such as those made from quartz or marble-based Compac Marmol, are often praised for being more durable than other types of worktop, especially when it comes to meeting the tough demands of a bathroom or kitchen. Even granite worktops may, for example, disappoint should the stone not derive from a reliable, high-grade source.

When buying an aggregate stone worktop it is still necessary, however, to take just as much care over selecting the right type as would be the case with traditional granite worktops.

Quartz stone worktops are a case in point; even though the particular type of quartz used in the production of quartz worktops may occasionally come under scrutiny, it is really the quality of the process by which that quartz is transformed into a useable worktop format that is the main concern.

By far the safest route is to select only the best brands of quartz worktop, such as Compac Quartz

Buying a quartz worktop generated from a relatively unknown source risks gracing kitchen or bathroom areas with an inferior product.

Not only do poor quality quartz worktops look worse than their more reputable counterparts, they may also fail to perform to anywhere near the standards generally associated with aggregate stone worktops. It is not unknown, for example, for poor quality quartz worktops to suffer from scratches or even to stain quite early on in their life cycle. Such problems are virtually unheard of with a reliable, top-branded material such as Compac Quartz.