Worktops for today’s modern kitchens

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Fortunately, we are a long way past the kitchens of the past, which were fairly hum-drum affairs with uninspiring appliances, dull worktops and middle-of-the-road design.

Today, even with the most modest of budgets, creating a stunning kitchen is within sight for most homeowners. All it takes is a little imagination.

There are two prime elements that really make a kitchen a success – the cabinets and the work surfaces.

From clean and traditional white wood, to all-singing and all-dancing colourful composites, cabinets can be found in all styles. No matter how stylish these are though, kitchen worktops should be carefully chosen to give your kitchen cohesive beauty.

Three options that look great in any kitchen are natural granite, caesarstone and quartz.


One of the most popular choices in UK kitchens, granite worktops deliver not just a great surface, but also that ‘wow’ factor. Extremely durable and heat and moisture resistant, it is easy to see why granite remains a favourite. It is also easy to maintain, with each piece being unique.


Comprised of 93% crushed quartz and 7% high-quality polymer resin, caesarstone is a durable surface. Able to be combined with a range of pigments, there are few colours that cannot be created. Extremely hygienic and moisture resistant, it is an increasingly popular choice in the UK.


Perhaps an even better alternative to natural granite are quartz worktops. Engineered to provide greater strength and resistance, these can be found in some wonderful designs. From sparkling blacks to shimmering whites, quartz can rightly provide a signature piece in your dream kitchen.