Mention Quartz Compac worktops to householders and a good few will literally beam with joy. These are the growing number of householders who have invested in a Quartz Compac worktop, and who say they will never look back.

Stone worktops with a contemporary twist

Quartz Compac worktops are as resilient, hard-wearing, and aesthetically pleasing, as traditional stoneware such as granite. The advantage of Quartz Compac worktops, as many householders have found, is that there is a much greater choice of colours, together with a welcome consistency in pattern.

Practical as well as beautiful

One of the many benefits of Quartz Compac worktops which householders have often commented on is how easy they are to maintain and keep clean. No sealing or polishing is required, either after installation or at any time during the life of the worktop; all that is needed after each use is a quick wipe down with soapy water.

Safe, hard-wearing, and long-lasting

As Quartz Compac worktops are produced by hermetically sealing pure quartz crystal with a special, hardened resin, there is virtually no danger of scratches or cracks; and certainly nowhere for bacteria to hide whilst the surface is being cleaned. Quartz Compac worktops, as householders are now starting to find, are also incredibly durable; once installed they can literally last a lifetime.

Set in Stone: the best choice for Quartz Compac worktops

Many householders have chosen Set in Stone for their Quartz Compac worktops, since we always offer unrivalled choice, and a professional, hassle-free installation second to none.


Compac Quartz Colours

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