A granite chopping board or a quartz chopping board is a great alternative to the traditional wood chopping board.

If you already own a granite worktop, then you may wish to use a chopping board to preserve the countertop by using one of our chopping boards to do your cutting chopping, rolling and preparing foods.

Perhaps you are looking to eventually purchase a granite worktop but would like to use a granite chopping board for the time being to test the advantages over a wood or laminated surfaces.


Granite and Quartz chopping boards advantages

Granite and Quartz chopping boards not only look elegant but they also have some practical advantages.

  • A Granite chopping board will not harbour bacteria and germs
  • A Granite chopping board will not stain, splinter or split
  • A Granite chopping board will not be tainted by food odours
  • A Granite chopping board can double up as a pizza stone or can be used as a stylish cheese board
  • A Granite chopping board is an ideal gift for any foodie.


Granite Chopping board sizes and prices

You can order your quartz chopping boards and granite chopping boards in this very generous 500cm x 300cm x 2cm size. These are sturdy, solid, heavy chopping boards, they would look great in a luxury home or in a professional kitchen.

The four edges are polished to a high mirror like shine, they have slightly rounded edges and have protective feet underside to protect your  existing worktops.

The Granite chopping boards arrive with full protective packaging and you can send a gift tag attached.

The chopping boards are priced at £30.00 each.