Granite worktops are a more luxurious alternative to a Formica worktop and they are much more robust. Granite countertops are relatively easy to look after, and once they are sealed, they will last you a life time.

Granite worktops can withstand very hot temperatures. This is because Granite is formed in mountains by heat and pressure. Granites do vary in strength and porosity and so you do still need to care for these worktops as they are not misuse proof.


Granite countertops have been the preferred choice for professional cooks for many years, especially pastry chefs and meat chefs, this is due to the anti-bacterial properties and the fact the granite surfaces cannot harbour germs. Pastry is easier to roll out on a marble or granite surface as the pastry does not stick.

Granite worktops are 100% natural and no two slabs are the same. This gives you a totally unique counter top in your new kitchen.

Granite Countertops will add more value to your home and they will not depreciate in value provided our care and maintenance guides are adhered to.