Granite Kitchen Worktops and Countertops

With hundreds of colours available, you are sure to find the perfect shade to create the exact look and feel you want. The cost of granite deters many homeowners, especially when there are several other options available. Common materials for worktops are wood, laminate, quartz and Corian. Each has its own look and feel.

If only granite will do, there are many options to fit almost any budget. Solid granite worktops can be expensive. If home resale values in your area are limited, it may not be worth the investment. However, this does not mean you cannot have the beauty and elegance of granite in your home. Granite tiles offer the same quality and benefits of the solid slab surface worktops, but may be offered for a fraction of the cost. These tiles are cut down from quarried blocks that are not large enough to be made into counter-sized slabs.

Tile usage allows for flexibility. They do not need to only be used for full granite worktops. They can be used as a smaller design element. As most tiles are available in several sizes, they can be inlaid into worktops made from other common materials, such as wood or laminate. Placed near the stove, it can double as a trivet for hot pans. For the aspiring pastry chef, larger tiles can be used as the surface for working the dough. Granite tiles on an island or raised bar will create a dramatic focal point. When selecting granite there are two ‘types’ to choose from.

Consistent granite has the same pattern throughout the slab. Variegated is similar to marble, in that it has veins of colour in varying thickness and tone. Consistent kitchen granite worktops may be priced lower than expected, as smaller blocks of granite can easily fit together without detracting from the overall aesthetics. Variegated granite worktops must be created from one large slab. This increases the care and labour required to install the worktop. The price will be higher, but the end result will be stunning.

Granite is available in an eclectic range of shades, patterns and colours, please see below in the colour chart for a small selection of the granites we supply.

Granite Worktop Colours

The Surface Group will import any colour granite you desire for your kitchen worktops project. If you have seen online or in a showroom a particular colour that you have fallen in love with and if you cannot see this below in our selection, don’t hesitate to call and tell us all about it. There is a good chance we have supplied it previously or we simply know if=t as a different name. We can source it for you in as short of time as a week.

You are welcome to join us for granite slab viewings and you can even select your favourite slab before we cut, polish and transform it into your beautiful new kitchen worktop

Please be aware, granite is formed in mountains and has been there millions of years before it is mined and shipped to us in Yorkshire, therefore Set in Stone cannot control the possibility of shade or pattern variation between batches.

Pick a colour and request an online quote or call us on 0844 500 5641.