Granite worktop maintenance is very simple, just implement a little common sense and good housekeeping skills. Maintain your granite surfaces by wiping down regularly, an ecloth is a great addition to your cleaning routine as it does not leave smears on the granite surface.

granite care

A Honed Granite worktop will be more porous than a polished granite worktop, always take more care of your honed granite work surfaces by following these tips; all greasy foods and acidy foods should not touch the surface, a chopping board should be used, we can also make you a matching granite chopping board or granite counter saver as they are often called. Clean up detergent over spills and buff up water marks before they penetrate through the surface.

All spills should be wiped up immediately and no abrasive or caustic detergents and products should be used.

The Surfaces Group supply Granite Care Kits, please see the image below. Please contact us on 01430 861391 to order your Granite Care Kit