Hardwood Vs Granite

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The kitchen work surface can take some rough treatment. Hot pans, knives household chemicals all take their toll. Also vital, is colour and texture. Getting it right therefore needs to be a priority; here are some comparisons to help elevate the confusion.

Solid Wooden Worktops

Few things compare with the look and feel of natural wood. Solid Wood worktops blend into almost any kitchen design. Be it contemporary or old farmhouse, wood can create the wow factor you’re looking for. Solid Wood worktops are extremely durable and versatile. Consider the very good condition of the Oak built ship the Mary Rose after lying at the bottom of the sea for hundreds of years. If solid Solid Wood worktops become scratched or water stained, its simple to re-sand and re-oil and restore as good as new. Here are some recommendations for keeping your Solid Wood tops in great condition:

Spills: Clean up spillages quickly especially on the lighter wood types. Treating with oil will give you a waterproof barrier, but must be re-applied on at regular intervals.

Fit for purpose: Although all Solid Wood worktops are great for any kitchen environment Iroko is particular good for fitting in areas where water is running freely, for instances; around sinks. Iroko is frequently the wood of choice for installing in harbours and docks as fenders and dock supports due to its tolerance for moisture.


Granite is a 100% solid stone worktop Of timeless beauty. Suppled in various thickness, 30mm being the standard. Comes finished in both high gloss and honed matt finish. Extremely hard-wearing and difficult to scratch.

A completely natural product with colour & grain variation found mostly in the medium and lighter colours. Darker granites are more consistent in colour but are not guaranteed to be entirely free from this possibility. Granite worktops are among the heaviest (30mm worktop 2.6m x 600mm weighs up to 145kg/23 stone) of solid surfaces and a fact to be considered if the destination has access issues (e.g. top floor flat or townhouse with kitchen above ground floor level).

Best Use: In any area of the kitchen, including around the sink and next to the hob or oven. A large high gloss Granite worktop creates a stunning finish to an island unit or breakfast bar.

Best Look: Granite is a High Quality material that is timeless and complements traditional and contemporary styles alike. Choose from the classic polished high gloss finish or honed matt for a more contemporary look. Honed matt will incur additional cost.

Care & Maintenance: Very low maintenance. Clean using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Treatment Required?  None – However, using a stone seal product can protect against stains caused by food and drinks such as coffee and tea. If choosing to seal your worktop, do so approx. every 6 months.

Durability: One of the hardest substances on earth, Granite is extremely hard wearing and won’t scratch under normal use. Although Granite is naturally porous it is one of the least absorbent stones and cleaning up spillages immediately will reduce permanent damage. Particularly take care with wine and citric acids. Hot pans should not be placed directly on a Granite worktop, use pan rests/hob bars.