How Caesarstone has captured the domestic imagination

In Set in Stone News by dawn

Although modern, quality kitchen and bathroom worktops figure prominently in commercial and institutional environments, they are now increasingly being installed in many private homes as well.

Worktops such as those made from Caesarstone can now be purchased in a variety of attractive colours and patterns aimed as much at the domestic market as at the business and professional sectors.

Moreover, in addition to being drawn towards the aesthetics of Caesarstone and other modern quality worktops, many householders are fast cottoning on to the benefits of work surfaces which are not only sufficiently resilient to last a lifetime, but which also remain ultra-safe and hygienic with just the quickest wipe down of a soapy cloth.

Cheshire, Humberside and Yorkshire, including Leeds, are among the areas which have witnessed a strong take-up in such worktops.

As well as Caesarstone worktops, it has also been possible for households to invest in other top of the range quartz worktops, such as those made from Compac Quartz.

A real marble-based equivalent, Compac Marmol, has also proved extremely popular in domestic circles, particularly given its strong resemblance to the purest solid marble slabs.

In the rush to obtain modern stone-based worktops, many commentators wonder whether more traditional worktops, such as those made from granite, will eventually be left behind.  At the moment, however, sales of both bathroom and kitchen granite worktops remain buoyant and, due to their quality, convenience and practicality, it is not hard to see why this is the case.