How Caesarstone worktops make hygiene maintenance easy

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Most householders today are keenly aware of the vital importance of maintaining a clean kitchen and many have taken steps to ensure that hygiene levels are maximised.

A growing number of households in the Cheshire, Yorkshire, Leeds and Humberside areas, however, say they have moved beyond the tiresome regime of endlessly applying anti-bacterial sprays and other sanitising chemicals – simply through installing Caesarstone worktops.

Caesarstone worktops are made from pure quartz – one of the hardest substances found in nature. The quartz is compacted and hermetically sealed using a small quantity of epoxy resin.

The end result is a product from which spillages and debris of all kinds can be instantly wiped away with a soapy cloth.

Moreover, because Caesarstone quartz worktops are virtually scratch and crack-resistant, and can be fitted together perfectly without gaps or spaces of any kind, it is extremely hard for substances to become lodged beyond the reach of the cleaning cloth. This seamless quality of Caesarstone worktops virtually guarantees against bacterial contamination.

In addition to the functional benefits of Caesarstone kitchen and bathroom worktops, there are also many attractive aesthetic qualities, stemming mainly from the fact that the process involved in producing Caesarstone worktops also allows for the skilful and highly precise introduction of special dyes.

Other quality quartz worktops are also proving popular among UK householders. Those made from compact quartz have been shown to be just as effective as Caesarstone in helping to maintain high levels of hygiene. An alternative marble-based equivalent, Compac Marmol, is also available.